Seahawks + Steelers = Super Bowl!

At first blush, one would think I would be thrilled beyond measure at the prospect of this upcoming football contest. I am a Steeler fan of about two decades duration while also being a native and resident of the greater Seattle metropolitan area. But, instead of provoking joy, this Super Sunday is going to present problems for me. Before the big game, I will endure the taunts and scorn of my co-workers, friends, fellow churchgoers (though to a lesser degree from them) about how my Steelers are going to be sent down to an ignominious defeat by the Seahawks. And if the Seahawks win, then I will be subjected to taunts and scorn with an admixture of gloating thrown in for good measure. And if my Steelers win (which would be best despite the drawback) I will be reviled and denounced for failing to support my native town’s team. It’s going to be a long two weeks.

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