Okay, I know I've said something like this before (and I'm not going to find the link just to let you read something embarrassing to me now), but perhaps Tuesdays will be my regular blog update day. Tuesday mornings is when Blizzard does their server maintenance and takes WOW offline. Or I could just stick … Continue reading Tuesdays


I added Ring for Jeeves to the list of books read, but I haven't posted any sort of review yet. I've been holding off partly because of WOW (see previous post) but also because I just can't think of much good to say about it. It's really the first bad PG Wodehouse book I've read, … Continue reading Book

Aslan v. Hobbes

Linked over at Think Christian is an article from Christianity Today about the marketing of Aslan prompted by the movie and musing on what that means for Christians and what it means to market Jesus by proxy in this way. Worth reading, I think (and it's not very long).

Stupid Widget!

I'm not sure what the problem is, but the Library Thing widget that's supposed to refresh every 20 minutes won't ever update unless I change something in the code itself. And I can't get it to work on my Library Thing profile page at all. Grr.