I watched part of a movie this weekend. I don't normally write about the parts of movies I see. Why should I note that I watched a little bit of Ocean's Eleven for the twentieth time? I don't think anyone will find that particularly edifying or interesting.But I think that rule should only apply to … Continue reading Movies

Some Sunday reading

An appropriate article for a Sunday, I do think. Lots of good stuff over at the Claremont Review of Books in general, too. Do note, that though the current issue only has a few articles available online (at least, for non-subscribers) the previous issues seem to be available in their entirety.


Read a couple books in the last couple weeks; both books were mysteries. The first was A Murder is Announced, a Miss Marple mystery by Agatha Christie. It wasn't too bad, though Miss Marple is not one of Christie's more engaging detectives I find. The book played fair, the clues were there for all to … Continue reading Books

Army and Navy

I'm confused by this article. Not because it is unclear in any way. I'm just not sure if I should be pleased that my nation's Army cadets can successfully infiltrate a military facility and remove a 170 pound object without being noticed or disappointed because my nation's Naval midshipmen cannot keep their own academy secure … Continue reading Army and Navy