Innocent Ghosts

Watched the second Ghost in the Shell movie, Innocence, today. It was okay, I suppose. It was a bit better than the first one, but the ending was still disappointing. The main character in this one was Batou, who is pretty cool, and the major supporting character was Togusa, also not bad. This movie, like the first, is a lot more driven by philosophising about the nature of humanity and what separates humans from machines than it is by the story or the characters themselves. The television series is much more interesting to me and a lot more watchable because all the philosophising it does (which is a lot less) comes out of the stories and the characters. Still, this movie was a bit better than the first, I’d say, simply because having seen the first movie and watched the first season of shows, I know the characters better and can understand a bit more about them and their motivations, which makes their constant musing on the meaning of life a bit more tolerable. I suppose I’d recommend this to a fan of the series, but otherwise I think most people would just be bored. The TV shows are the way to go with this anime.

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