Crybaby Italians

Lance Armstrong has been ordered to stand trial in Italy for defamation of Filippo Simeoni because Armstrong said Simeoni was a “liar”. I’m not a huge Armstrong fan, nor am I completely uncritical of him. But this is ridiculous.

Apparently Simeoni is so thin-skinned and weak that reading about what Armstrong said has caused him to curl up in a little ball and cry for his mommy. Okay, I admit I made up that part. Actually it’s Italians everywhere who are hiding under their beds and whining about the big, bad American being too successful. And that’s a metaphor, and not literally true.

Even though Armstrong’s comments were published in a French newspaper, an Italian judge has decided that Armstrong needs to stand trial in Simeoni’s hometown and if he’s convicted could be sentenced to up to six years in jail.

So what’s this really about? Upset that Armstrong couldn’t be beaten on the road, his detractors have taken to trying to beat him in court. Armstrong was even investigated for “private violence” when he chased down a Simeoni breakaway in the Tour de France. What a bunch of pathetic losers.

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