A felicitous phrase.

It is painful to me to think, that while I was carrying on this Work, several of those to whom it would have been most interesting have died. Such melancholy disappointments we know to be incident to humanity; but we do not feel them the less.~James Boswell, Life of Johnson (Advertisement to the First Edition)

Fun With Words

An interesting site called The Phrontistery which I ran across in my search of Scrabble dominance. My primary interest was in this page, which lists all the valid two- and three-letter Scrabble words, but I branched out and there is much else to interest. There is a collection of 400 of the rarest words on … Continue reading Fun With Words

Crybaby Italians

Lance Armstrong has been ordered to stand trial in Italy for defamation of Filippo Simeoni because Armstrong said Simeoni was a "liar". I'm not a huge Armstrong fan, nor am I completely uncritical of him. But this is ridiculous.Apparently Simeoni is so thin-skinned and weak that reading about what Armstrong said has caused him to … Continue reading Crybaby Italians

Don’t be a blockhead.

An interesting article about the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Apparently a bunch of the people who worked on it thought it would bomb because it didn't use a laugh track, ended with Linus quoting Scripture, used real kids for the voices and other unconventional things. Wrong. It's still a great Christmas show.