I’m not sure why it was called Century of the Dragon, but it was a half-way decent movie. Or perhaps 2/3. The movie was about an hour and a half and the first hour was actually pretty good. Our hero is an undercover cop who is assigned to get close to a Hong Kong triad leader so that he can be arrested and convicted for his nefarious activities. Unfortunately for the investigation, the triad boss “retires” into legitimate business just about the time the cop is slipped into the triad. The cop is kept in with the expectation that the triad boss will backslide, but now the cop has a dilemma. Should he make an effort to prevent his boss from slipping back into crime or should he just watch and nail him when he does? And then the situation becomes further complicated when a young up-and-comer in the triad makes a play to eliminate the old boss to cement himself at the top of triad. Very well done, and interesting. But then the climactic 3rd reel left many loose ends, and didn’t seem very consistent with the earlier portrayals of the characters. So much promise, so little fulfillment.

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