Sky Flying!

Watched (just tonight) Zatoichi in Desperation. It wasn't very good, even as Zatoichi movies go, and most of them aren't great cinema. The plot was muddled, there were several extra characters that had minor subplots that didn't really go anywhere and the soundtrack was a hideous 70's generic funk sound.But what was good were the … Continue reading Sky Flying!

Sitting Up

My daughter is now able to remain in a sitting position pretty much as long as she chooses to now. She still needs help getting to the point of sitting upright, but once there her balance is sufficient to keep her there even when playing with her toys.EDIT: I'm not sure what happened. This was … Continue reading Sitting Up

Catching Up

It had been over week between posts until I got that short note up about the blueberry pie. (Mmmm...pie.)Done a fair bit of reading since then, though it has all been light stuff; almost entirely Marsh and Christie mysteries.The Nursing Home Murder and Death and the Dancing Footman by Ngaio Marsh, The Land of Narnia … Continue reading Catching Up