Below is a list of the last hundred books that I read, in more or less the order I read them. I keep a list of the books I have read, and for the last hundred books or so, I’ve been keeping track of the order in which they are entered on my list. It’s not the exact order which I read them, necessarily, since I sometimes enter several books at once without paying close attention to which was read before the other. But in broad terms, this is the correct order. There are a few books on the list that I had read before (the ones by Scott Corbett, for example) but I hadn’t yet put them on my list. This list goes back (I used my blog to figure this out) to December 1st, 2004. So it’s been about 100 books in about 10 months. 10 books a month isn’t too bad, neh?
EDIT: The list is supposed to be a numbered list, but Blogger can’t seem to manage that for some reason.

  1. Lewis, C.S. Grief Observed, A
  2. O’Brian, Patrick Yellow Admiral, The
  3. O’Brian, Patrick Hundred Days, The
  4. O’Brian, Patrick Blue at the Mizzen
  5. Wodehouse, P.G. Quick Service
  6. O’Brian, Patrick 21
  7. Corbett, Scott Disappearing Dog Trick, The
  8. Corbett, Scott Home Run Trick, The
  9. Corbett, Scott Baseball Trick, The
  10. Corbett, Scott Ever Ride A Dinosaur?
  11. Pratchett, Terry Last Hero, The
  12. Stout, Rex Father Hunt, The
  13. Lewis, C.S. Mere Christianity
  14. Pratchett, Terry Truth, The
  15. Pratchett, Terry Thief of Time
  16. Pratchett, Terry Night Watch
  17. Corbett, Scott Black Mask Trick, The
  18. Corbett, Scott Hairy Horror Trick, The
  19. Wodehouse, P.G. Damsel in Distress, A
  20. LeGuin, Ursula Wizard of Earth-sea, A
  21. Wodehouse, P.G. Summer Moonshine
  22. Wodehouse, P.G. In His Own Words
  23. Pratchett, Terry Monstrous Regiment
  24. Christie, Agatha Murder In Three Acts
  25. LeGuin, Ursula Tombs of Atuan, The
  26. Marx, Arthur My Life With Groucho
  27. LeGuin, Ursula Farthest Shore, The
  28. Schulz, Charles Complete Peanuts: 1953-1954, The
  29. Sakai, Stan Space Usagi
  30. Stout, Rex Please Pass the Guilt
  31. Stout, Rex A Family Affair
  32. Pratchett, Terry Art of Discworld, The
  33. O’Rourke, P.J. Peace Kills
  34. Kagan, Donald Peloponnesian War, The
  35. Christie, Agatha Destination Unknown
  36. Garrett, Randall Lord Darcy
  37. Silverstein, Ken Radioactive Boy Scout, The
  38. LeGuin, Ursula Tales From Earth-sea
  39. LeGuin, Ursula Tehanu
  40. Stout, Rex Trio For Blunt Instruments
  41. Isaacs, Neil D. (Ed.) Tolkien and the Critics
  42. Smith, Jeff Crown of Horns
  43. Christie, Agatha Secret Adversary, The
  44. LeGuin, Ursula Other Wind, The
  45. Isaacs, Neil D. (Ed.) Understanding The Lord of the Rings: The Best of Tolkien Criticism
  46. Christie, Agatha Man in the Brown Suit, The
  47. Pratchett, Terry Going Postal
  48. Stoye, John Siege of Vienna, The
  49. Christie, Agatha Mystery of the Blue Train
  50. Christie, Agatha Poirot Investigates
  51. Christie, Agatha Death in the Clouds
  52. McCrum, Robert Wodehouse: A Life
  53. Grant, Ulysses S Personal Memoirs
  54. Christie, Agatha Hercule Poirot’s Christmas
  55. Christie, Agatha Sad Cypress
  56. Christie, Agatha Dumb Witness
  57. Marsh, Ngaio Colour Scheme
  58. Christie, Agatha Regatta Mystery and other Stories, The
  59. Marsh, Ngaio Death of a Fool
  60. Hibbs, Thomas Shows About Nothing: Nihilism in Popular Culture from Seinfeld to the Exorcist
  61. Marsh, Ngaio Night at the Vulcan
  62. Marsh, Ngaio When In Rome
  63. Stout, Rex Over My Dead Body
  64. Marsh, Ngaio Last Ditch
  65. Marsh, Ngaio Killer Dolphin
  66. Marsh, Ngaio Tied Up in Tinsel
  67. Lewis, C.S. Miracles
  68. Wodehouse, P.G. Heavy Weather
  69. Wodehouse, P.G. Hot Water
  70. Wodehouse, P.G. Uneasy Money
  71. Wodehouse, P.G. Cocktail Time
  72. Wodehouse, P.G. Piccadilly Jim
  73. Marsh, Ngaio Black As He’s Painted
  74. Marsh, Ngaio Artists In Crime
  75. Marsh, Ngaio Clutch of Constables, A
  76. Marsh, Ngaio Alleyn and Others: The Collected Short Fiction of Ngaio Marsh
  77. Marsh, Ngaio Death at the Bar
  78. Marsh, Ngaio Enter a Murderer
  79. Sakai, Stan Fathers and Sons
  80. Marsh, Ngaio Hand in Glove
  81. Marsh, Ngaio Singing in the Shrouds
  82. Marsh, Ngaio Final Curtain
  83. Shirow, Masamune Ghost in the Shell
  84. Shirow, Masamune Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface
  85. Marsh, Ngaio Nursing Home Murder, The
  86. Marsh, Ngaio Death and the Dancing Footman
  87. Sibley, Brian Land of Narnia, The
  88. Christie, Agatha Secret of Chimneys, The
  89. Christie, Agatha Passenger to Frankfurt
  90. Christie, Agatha Golden Ball and Other Stories, The
  91. Christie, Agatha Body in the Library, The
  92. Marsh, Ngaio Man Lay Dead, A
  93. Marsh, Ngaio Death of a Peer
  94. Marsh, Ngaio Vintage Murder
  95. Marsh, Ngaio False Scent
  96. Marsh, Ngaio Died in the Wool
  97. Marsh, Ngaio Scales of Justice
  98. Marsh, Ngaio Death in a White Tie
  99. Marsh, Ngaio Grave Mistake
  100. Marsh, Ngaio Death in Ecstasy

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