Sky Flying!

Watched (just tonight) Zatoichi in Desperation. It wasn’t very good, even as Zatoichi movies go, and most of them aren’t great cinema. The plot was muddled, there were several extra characters that had minor subplots that didn’t really go anywhere and the soundtrack was a hideous 70’s generic funk sound.

But what was good were the trailers. The trailer for this Zatoichi film informed me that “He chops off the Japanese movie scene!” He being Katsu Shintaro, star and director, I presume. There was also a trailer for a Lone Wolf and Cub movie, which, I am reliably told, contains “Sky flying! Water splashing! Field running! Massacre!” Lastly (and best of all), there was a trailer for a movie titled Lady Snowblood. My sources informed me that she has “Relentless Beauty”, but that unfortunately she “Sink her body in the river of grudge.” Though, “She knows not the passions of womanhood, only the passion of her umbrella sword.” So she’s got that going for her. Which is nice.

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