Kurosawa Documentary

I found a documentary on Akira Kurosawa while I was at the library checking out my books. (I always browse the DVD shelf when I visit because you never know what you might find.) It was simply called Kurosawa. It wasn’t too bad. I did learn a lot about him that I didn’t know and it was fun to see film clips of some of my favourite movies that he made as well as clips from other films of his that I have not yet seen. I was sad to learn, however, that he and Toshiro Mifune (who was an amazing actor and, not coincidentally, was in Kurosawa’s best movies) had a falling out during the filming of Red Beard and that was why they didn’t make any more movies together. There weren’t any details regarding what they quarreled about, and that is part of the biggest problem that the documentary had. While it was informative, it could have been much more so than it was considering the length. I think the makers leaned too far towards being “artsy” and didn’t spend enough time actually informing their audience about their subject. Still, a good movie worth a rental or being placed on hold at your library.

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