Beware Yahoo!

It seems that Yahoo! is not only willing to limit what information is available to their users in China, but will help the Chinese police hunt down dissidents so they can be tossed in the Chinese gulag. I’d say this is a new low for a Western company to stoop to, in regards to how they are willing to abase themselves to a violent, repressive Communist regime in order to make a buck.

In the comments of the post I linked above there was another link to an article that accuses Yahoo! of hosting thousands of phishing sites. I’ve never been impressed by Yahoo!. They have always seemed to me to be solely out to make as much money as possible even if they have to be unscrupulous to do it. I haven’t heard about it lately, but I remember reading about how some very unsavoury people were using Yahoo! Groups to facilitate their illegal activities and it took a lot pressure to get Yahoo! to do anything about it.

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