Marsh and Alleyn

Which is not a law firm.

I read another Ngaio Marsh novel last week called Death at the Bar, which sounds a bit like a mystery wherein a lawyer dies. But instead it was what the Brits usually call a “pub”. I can only account for the oddness of mystery novel set in England using “bar” in this manner in a couple of ways. Either this is a US title that wasn’t on the original book, or the author being originally from New Zealand didn’t think to use the British term. But, since I don’t know what a Kiwi would call such a place, I incline to the former view.

The book itself wasn’t bad. It didn’t hold my interest as well as some of the others have. The author seemed to be trying a bit of reverse psychology in trying to fool the reader, but it didn’t work. I was right there every step of the way, and it didn’t seem that difficult to me. The characters failed to grip and interest as well, and it was really rather dull. It almost seemed like a bad parody of another mystery or an attempt to write in another person’s style. Worth reading for a fan, but for a casual mystery reader I’d suggest starting with something else by Marsh.

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