Movies and such.

I started watching The Man in the Glass Booth, which was kinda creepy. On the cover of the DVD the final esses in “Glass” are shaped like the double lightning bolt of the SS. The movie seems based in part on the story of Eichmann, but they refer to him and his trial in the movie, so it isn’t a fictionalization of that story specifically. Anyway, like I said, the movie is creepy, and while I’m not sure where they were going with it, the message that seems to be coming through so far is even creepier. I’m not going to finish it, I don’t think. EDIT: While looking up the Amazon link for the title, each reviewer raved about the ending scene as surprising, astonishing, etc. (Except the one guy who thought the play was far superior.) So maybe I will finish it after all.

I also watched an Inspector Alleyn Mysteries DVD that I found at random at the library. This particular one is Final Curtain. I wasn’t impressed. The acting wasn’t wonderful, the dialogue was stilted and the plot was plodding and dull. Though, to be fair, I haven’t read that particular book, so that last criticism may not be a fair one to level at the DVD.

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