Gates of Fire

A post from a blog written by a free-lance photographer and writer in Iraq. It is always interesting, there is much that one can learn that isn't in your regular media, the photos are astonishing and the stories about our soldiers, the things they do and the sacrifices they make are always inspiring. But this … Continue reading Gates of Fire

Neh Magazine

So that's what my blog would look like if it were a magazine. I'm pleased and concerned at the same time.I really like that picture though.Arevanye had it first. (Though it was on her friends-locked LJ.)Make your own here. And you can browse covers that others have made.


I got from the library, and watched, the first four episodes of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex this past week. They were quite good. I hadn't realised that I had already seen the first two. What piqued my interest in the series were a couple of episodes that I had seen on Cartoon … Continue reading Ghostly